We are a licensed daycare operating as a yoga preschool.  If you deduct your childcare expenses on your taxes, our program qualifies for daycare as we are a licensed facility.


We offer a flexible program for those parents interested in a part time with an option to continue month to month.  You can select the day(s) of enrollment.  Unlike most programs that require part time enrollment to be on M/W/F or T/TH, we allow enrollment on any days we have available.  We do require 2 days enrollment so they benefit from our program.

Tuition:  I created a program based on my experiences enrolling my children in local programs.  I wanted it to be simple and flexible.  When enrolling my child in other programs I found that food typically was at an extra charge, there were annual material fees, programs close 27-38 days/year which you pay for in prorated tuition and security deposits typically 50-100% of the monthly tuition for providing 30-45 days notice -- all in addition to their tuition.  Our tuition is based on the number of days in month minus any days we choose to close the school, tuition is due on the 15th of the previous month and we don't ask for deposits for notice.  We include all organic locally purchased farm to table lunch, all craft project materials and we have a staff of 3 teachers with a maximum of 12 children.  

There is a one time enrollment fee of $150.

Program Tuition:  $60/day 9am to 1:00pm

California State Childcare License #37662550

2016 Enrollment Costs:

Please note; as per California State Law we are required to obtain all immunization records for all children on our property.  Immunization records must be on a yellow card or a print-out from your Pediatricians office or on-line system.