California State Child Care License#  37662550

Our Visual Schedule of Activities

​9:00 Welcome children and parents.

9:15 Open Play and Feed Bunnies

9:55 Clean Up

10:00 Circle Time; days of the week & story

10:00 Potty/hand washing in groups/Music and Movement

10:15 Snack time (set up for art)

10:30 Arts/Crafts

10:50 Clean up and Yoga set up.

11:00 Yoga

11:35 Games ie letter, numbers, colors, fine motor skills

11:50 Clean up

12:00 Potty/ /Music Circle Time

12:15 Lunch

12:30 Open play (diaper/potty)

1:00 Morning session ends – pick up time!

Our program is inspired by my experience working with my Autistic son at San Diego Unified School District Special Education Program.  Over the last 6-1/2 years I have seen such tremendous growth in his speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and most importantly his social skills.  Our small program is able to benefit by applying the strategies used by a team of professionals to help my son develop with his Speech and Language Pathologist, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist to create a very unique enriching program.

We have a combination of open free play and structured play based themed activities.  We have detailed weekly themes and we create program content to expose children to all types of topics whether its gardening, butterflies, ocean mammals or space.  We change our themes every 1-3 weeks depending on what the topic is.  We have one on one, small and large group activities which is why we have a minimum 3 teachers on staff and only 12 children.  Our themes also tie into the yoga practice, music circle, art and the books are all centered around the theme we are exploring.

As a Mom of 2 children, for me -- a program with open play all day with no pre-planned activities, structure or daily schedule is babysitting.  All daycare's have a license issued by California State Child Licensing whether it a commercial program or a residential program, but we are not regulated by program content.  I love hearing my children talk about what they learn with enthusiasm and excitement.  I love when parents send videos or pictures of their children singing the songs we learn at circle or music time or yoga poses.  They are so proud of the art they create and the relationships they build with the activities we create to increase socialization.