After an 18 year career in small family business management, I retired with the birth of my son in 2011.  After my son was diagnosed in October 2013 with Autism, I was so impressed with the San Diego Unified School Districts Special Education Pre-K program, I decided to model my own preschool utilizing the same teaching strategy so my daughter can have an excellent early education.  After researching strategies for Autism, I learned that Yoga can be extremely beneficial so I obtained my Children's Yoga Certification, hired a consultant from the San Diego Unified School District to assist with program structure and content, hired a staff of 2 teachers and jumped right in to having my own preschool!  

Our 4 chickens!  Well, these little ladies give us fresh organic eggs which we all enjoy so much!  They have fabulous personalities.  They thoroughly enjoy watching the children and animals run around playing.  Believe it or not, chickens need entertainment!

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Miss Cassidy is our Teaching Assistant and has worked in daycare for over 10 years and previously a private nanny for 2 years for a family in need of specialized care for their Autistic daughter.  Cassidy is in the process of obtaining her BS in Early Childhood Development and plans to continue her education to obtain her MS in Psychology to work with children with special needs.  In her spare time, she LOVES to line dance!

Trip, T2 (white) and Eeyore (calico)!  These 3 little ones interact the most with the kids.  They safely free roam our yard, jumping and playing.  They are very helpful in our yoga practice by getting the kids to sit quietly on their mat to get a visit from the bunnies.  This helps us get the children to meditate.....very magical to watch! They eat snack with the kids and they are very helpful to redirect children when they are frustrated or having a hard time with separation anxiety.

We teach family style which means we have children ranging ages 2 to 5.  Having children of varied ages models a large family and teaches children how to communicate and socialize with other children of varied developmental stages.  All of the children choose play together regardless of age but it also teachers older children patience and the younger children benefit from the role model of the older child.  Studies have shown children raised in a large family enviroment have higher emotional intelligence as they have learned to adapt to those around them of varying emotional/social intelligence and are more succesfull since they have the ability to adapt.  As a society, we are not typically having 6-12 kids any longer but having a program that provides that large family enviroment can provide that 

Miss Owl's job duties are; greeting everyone at the door at pick up and drop off, supervising nap, catching bugs and stealing food from the teachers lunches.  She is extremely gentle and patient with the kids letting them pet her and pick her up.  My son picked her out at Animal Control a few years ago and named her Owl since he thought she looked like a white owl!

Schultz came to us from Helen Woodward Animal Shelter and has been a bundle ever since.  Although they told us he was a lab mix, his DNA came back as Scottish Terrier and Husky!  We sent him to a 30 day intense boot camp training, so he has a few tricks that come in handy.  His favorite activities; playing fetch with the kids, stealing food, eating and sleeping..

We always save the best for last......Little Birdie who reminds us everyday that life is precious and to live for every moment which is a huge part of our yoga practice.  We think about the fun times on our Mexico adventures and look forward to meeting there again in the future.....

Vertical garden made from recycled pallets is our February project for the preschool.  Children will paint, decorate and plant their seeds creating a beautiful garden that can hang on a wall or sit flat as a table center piece.

Guerro was born in Ensenada and given to us by our very dear friends Dave and Angela.  Guerro's owners couldn't care for him anymore and needed to find him a home. Our friends thought he was a perfect fit for our family being a mellow, gentle dog.  After a DNA test we found out he was a Brittany Spaniel and lots of unidentified DNA!  Since the day we brought our son home from the hospital, he has been his best friend.  His favorite activities include; eating, sleeping and following the kids around. 

Taco-Bell was also another Ensenada native!  She was born at our friends vacation home in Ensenada Mexico.  The local resident cat decided to deliver her babies in their palapa.  Our friends found homes for each kitten and delivered them to each of us in San Diego.  She is a super sweet and tolerant kitty.  Her favorite activities; sleeping, napping, snoozing, eating raw fish or beef and of coarse, just eating.


California State Childcare License #376625550